Custom Wood Working : Planters & Wells


     The Grass is Always Greener with Garner Family Crafts

     Garner Family Crafts has been family owned and operated for just over 6 months now. The Garner family has been in Middleburg, Clay County since 1979 attending local schools such as Middleburg Elementary, J.L Wilkinson, Middleburg High School and Middleburg Christian Academy.
      Initially, Garner Family Crafts started as a booster fundraising opprotunity to allow the Garner family to attend local and out-of-state Karate tournaments. As the successful engineering of well liked turtle planters blossomed into wagon planters and snail planters, Garner Family Crafts was created to bring hand made quality wood working to the Clay County and surrounding areas.
      Wooden turtle planters bring these lovable creatures to your porch, door step, deck, flower garden and landscaping to enhance your already beautiful home. Pressure-treated timber allows for long lasting material and is treated with a sealant to enhance its appeal and weather resistance.
Custom wood working is also provided for wishing wells, raised flower beds and landscape timber gardens.  Call any time to discuss our products and services at (904) 562-8242.

Large Turtle

Small Snail


Cross Planter